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Memorial Day is a holiday dedicated to honoring and remembering those who served in our country’s armed forces. This meaningful holiday is right around the corner which means you’ll have a long weekend to spend with friends and family! If you’re stuck for ideas on what to do, why not try one or more of these eco-friendly activities?


Host an eco-friendly party: Throw an eco-friendly get-together, BBQ, or block party for your family, friends and neighbors. Ask your guests to bring items in reusable bags, and use real plates and utensils instead of plastic or paper. Get your (paperless) invitations out in advance and be sure to limit or eliminate party decorations that will end up in the trash when the festivities are over. You can even go as far as asking your guests to make dishes that don’t contain meat or sustainable meals using local ingredients.


Plant a tree in someone’s honor: If you know someone who is or has been in the armed forces, or you just want to recognize people who have served, you can plant a tree in their name with 7-Eleven’s RENEW Plant It Forward Program!


Get active: Get outside and enjoy the warm spring weather! Check out local events and activities going on in your local neighborhood. Your city’s website should provide more information about recreational activities such as marathons open bike trails and farmers markets. Memorial Day is a great time for connecting with local farmers, artisans, and bakers. It’s likely they’ll have fun activities for kids too!


No matter how you decide to celebrate this year’s Memorial Day, consider how your actions will impact the environment. The day may be dedicated to remembering those who serve(d) our country, but we can also take time to remember the environment as we celebrate.