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Father’s Day is right around the corner and businesses across the country will soon be advertising their products as the best gifts for dad. Feeling overwhelmed or not sure what to get dad this year? Check out this gift guide for dads who love to be eco-friendly, green and environmentally conscious. This compiled list should get some ideas flowing and help you find the perfect gift for your dad.  


  • Reusable coffee mug or water bottle: Make sure your dad stays hydrated and buy him a durable stainless steel coffee or water container. A stainless steel reusable container will keep his drink hot or cold longer, and it sure beats drinking it out of a disposable paper cup. It can be reused over and over, and won’t create any extra waste.


  • Portable solar charger: If your dad loves his electronics, then a portable solar charger is the gift for him. This is a great way to keep electronics charged without using valuable energy, and using the energy of the sun instead. This device is not only useful in day to day life, but he’ll be grateful to have fully charged electronics on his next camping trip.


  • Organic hair and body products: There are so many wonderful organic hair and skin products out there today. Treat Dad to some new shampoo, hair balm, face wash, shower gels, shave creams and other hair and skin care products. Find a scent he is sure to love and know that the product is eco-friendly, chemical free, and not tested on animals.


  • Energy efficient appliance: There are so many new and improved energy efficient appliances on the market these days. Help your dad save time and money and consider treating him to an appliance he has had his eye on, and make sure it is Energy Star rated so you know it is guaranteed to be energy efficient!


  • Air purifying plant: Air-purifying plants such as ficus, ferns, aloe vera, and dracaenas are perfect for keeping the air clean and purifying the space. Gift Dad an air purifying plant for his office and he’ll be sure to enjoy the fresh air as well as his new office decor.

Make your dad’s Father’s Day even more special by getting creative and giving him a gift that is eco-friendly. The gift he is sure to love, and the planet is sure to appreciate too!