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Now that Spring is in full swing, it’s a great time to get your kids outdoors and involved in some fun and eco-friendly activities! It’s a perfect way to get your kids engaged and unplugged from their TVs, phones and video games. Take time to teach them the importance of looking after our environment. After all, they are the next generation to inherit our planet, so it’s important that we encourage them to start helping create a greener, more eco-friendly world. Here’s a list of 5 eco-friendly activities that your kids will enjoy.


  • Create a garden: Kids typically love anything to do with creepy crawlies, bugs, and worms. You may not have the space to create a large garden, but a good alternative is to plant vegetable and plant seeds in a pot. Remember, it’s a world of discovery for kids and they get excited about watching a bean sprout out of a pot or paper cup; they can watch the plant grow from the very beginning! Gardening also teaches them about looking after their plants by feeding, watering and tending to them. Another great idea is using an egg carton to plant a variety of seeds and see which ones grow first.


  • Put on a fashion show: Spend an afternoon diving into their wardrobe and encouraging older kids to recycle some of their old clothes to put on their own fashion show! Let them get creative and give them a pair of scissors, a lesson on basic sewing skills and some beads, buttons and fabric paints. Let them go crazy and design their own fashion creations! Suddenly, the old t-shirt they wanted to throw out will have a second life and they’ll want to wear it every day of the week.


  • Make a bird feeder: Use an old egg carton, milk carton, plastic bottle or any other hallow container to make a festive bird feeder. Let your kids get creative and supply them with buttons, glitter pens, googly eyes, pom poms and other craft supplies you have to make their bird feeders fun and unique. Not only is this a fun craft activity, but the kids will enjoy watching birds visit their feeders all Spring long!  


  • Keep a jar pet: Kids love animals and having pets. But if you don’t have the time or money to adopt a cat or dog, consider having a jar pet. Take an old mason jar or container and let your kids go on a scavenger hunt in their own backyard to collect worms, insects, lizards, and other creepy crawlies. Be sure to poke holes in the lid to give the animal fresh air, and include plenty of grass, dirt or other habitat material.


  • Musical Instruments: Encourage your kids to get their creative juices flowing by making household items into musical instruments. Create a percussion band made from kitchen pots and pans. Take old drinking bottles, fill them with peas, beans or rice, and make them into maracas. Let those plastic bowls, saucepans, and wooden spoons take on a whole new musical life of their own. 

These eco-friendly activities will keep your kids busy and having fun all spring long. Produce less waste and teach your kids the importance of recycling and living a greener lifestyle with these creative crafts and ideas.