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Recently named the #2 cleanest U.S. city (American Council for an Energy-Efficient Economy), San Francisco, California is continuously recognized for its eco-friendly and sustainable methods! The city is committed to providing a safe, clean and healthy environment for its community and has done so by making meaningful changes in everyday living. From curbside composting programs to the city’s green building policies, San Francisco holds one of the top spots for practicing green living!

Hotels: San Francisco is home to many eco-friendly hotels. Within the Bay Area alone, many hotels have become LEED- or Energy Star-certified. These higher level environmental standards create less waste and demand cleaner construction, HVAC, engineering and design practices. 

But that’s not all for the Bay Area’s buildings: in September 2019, “breakthrough legislation” was approved to mandate the use of 100 percent renewables by all large commercial buildings by 2030. 

Travel tip: Next time you’re in town, stay at the Orchard Garden Hotel. This hotel is energy-star rated, uses low-flow water devices, has upgraded amenities with organic and eco-friendly products, and uses 100% recycled paper and inks for menus, stationary and other printed items. On top of all that, the hotel plants a tree for every review they receive on TripAdvisor whether its good or bad.

Transportation: San Francisco also supplies eco-friendly transportation options for their citizens. More than 50% of the MUNI bus system and rail trains are zero-emission. The city has also planned for other transportation providers to follow suit and offer hybrid diesel options by the year 2020. 

Food: The city not only offers a variety of farmer’s markets, but they also have many sustainable restaurants. Many of the local eateries serve up delicious organic and vegan alternatives. 

Travel tip: Stop by Gracias Madre for mouth-watering Mexican food! This restaurant is committed to health, sustainability and the community. You can find locally grown ingredients in every meal and a wide variety of organic dishes on the menu.