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Just like San Francisco and Sacramento, this California city is making major improvements to city practices in order to make their community more eco-friendly. A recipient of the Sustainable and Green Development Award, citizens can be assured that their city is becoming more environmentally progressive and involved in setting the Green standard. Here are 3 ways San Jose is making their city more green. 

Hotels: San Jose is home to many eco-friendly and green hotels. The city has prioritized green building practices and boasts many green venues and convention centers. Environment friendly practices include energy efficient lights, lower water pressure faucets, and recycled and low impact building materials. 

Travel tip: When staying in San Jose, the elegant Hotel Valencia in Santana Row is a great place to spend the night. This boutique hotel uses several conservation efforts such as timed lighting, a linen reuse plan, biodegradable recycled room keys and a farm-to-table restaurant. https://www.hotelvalencia-santanarow.com 

Food: For years, San Jose has been improving their city’s economy, community health and environment through sourcing locally grown and produced foods. Many local eateries have also made it a priority to include healthy and fresh ingredients in their menu options. 

Travel tip: You will find delicious meals with seasonal ingredients from nearby farms, fishermen and ranches at the Hotel Valencia’s Citrus Restaurant. This restaurant also offers thoughtfully selected organic wine pairings. Other fantastic local restaurants include: Aqui Cal-Mex and Good Kharma which is a local favorite for vegans. http://goodkarmasj.com  

Innovation: San Jose is making major sustainable changes by emphasizing clean technology innovation by creating green jobs in energy, water, waste and transportation. The city also diverts trash recyclable electronics from landfills and reuse thousands of old tires for California’s Greenroads project. The city also banned the use of one-time plastic bags for store shoppers.