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Is there anything better than the open road? Pack up your family, grab some friends, or head out for a solo adventure. Whether you’re going cross-country or visiting local attractions, you’ll want to be prepared. More often than not, road trips go hand-in-hand with unhealthy foods, cramped legs, and sunburned or dry skin. Here are some tips to avoid all that and stay healthy the next time you hit the road. 

Wear sunscreen: Whether you’re traveling in the summer or winter season, the sun can be brutal, even when you’re spending all day inside your car. You’re likely to get sunburned on your cheeks and arms while driving, so apply sunscreen daily, paying extra attention to those areas.

Pack a first aid kit: In case you ever get stuck in the car, keep a first aid kit on hand that contains items such as Band-Aids, a water bottle, gauze and alcohol pads. Always be sure to pull over if you’re not feeling well.

Pack snacks: Be sure to have healthy snacks on hand. Foods like nuts, popcorn, and raisins can be good options and easy to travel with. If you have to store your snacks in the car, dry foods like pretzels and crackers tend to have more staying power.

Don’t text and drive: It’s tempting to check your phone for directions or send text updates while you’re traveling, but it’s very unsafe. Make sure to ask your fellow passengers for help or pull over if you need to send a text or answer a call.

Stay hydrated: Dehydration can cause you to feel sleepy, making long drives a lot more difficult. Make sure you always have a big bottle of water or your favorite drink with you before you hit the road. To spice things up, stop by a 7-Eleven and pick up a delicious 7-Select™ Go! Smart Cold Pressed Juice. They contain several vitamins and nutrients and have no added sugar. Perfect to keep you hydrated and satisfied during any long drive. 

Road trips can be tedious and exhausting, so be sure to follow these tips in order to stay safe, healthy and happy on your next journey!