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With Valentine’s Day just around the corner, remember to spread some love and kindness to our planet. Instead of buying cards and flowers for your loved one, take some time to help improve the world around you. Your special someone and the planet will thank you! Here are the 6 ways to show love to our planet on Valentine’s Day.

Volunteer to clean up: Litter not only makes our community look dirty, but also causes harm to wildlife and the environment. Help keep the planet clean by volunteering your time to take part in an organized park, beach, or lake clean up. If you can’t find a nearby event, take it upon yourself to pick up some litter on your local streets and sidewalks! 

Ditch single use plastic: If you can’t ban it completely, at least reduce the amount you use. There are many easy swaps you can make at home to reduce the amount of  plastic you buy and discard, from carrying a reusable water bottle and grocery bags to buying food in bulk. 

Plant a tree: Trees help clean our air, filter our drinking water, and purify soil. So why not plant a tree with your loved one? Your partner will love the uniqueness of the activity, and get to visit the tree over the years to watch its growth and enjoy its beauty. 

Eat local: Eating seasonal, local produce helps to reduce the environmental footprint of your food by using less energy for growing and transportation. It also helps support the local economy. Visit a local farmers market to find fresh seasonal fruit and vegetables and create a Valentine’s meal you and your sweetheart are sure to love! 

Conserve energy: Simple changes at home, like turning the lights off when you leave the room and replacing light bulbs with low energy LED lights can help conserve energy. Not only does this help to reduce your household bills, but it also helps conserve the earth’s natural resources. 

Give the gift of travel: Surprise your loved one with a weekend road trip! Nearly every town has a nearby destination within just a few hours of travel. To jumpstart your road trip, fuel up at a 7-Eleven RENEW location to travel responsibly with reduced emissions. 

Don’t forget to show your love to Mother Nature this Valentine’s Day and consider celebrating with these 6 alternatives.