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7 Ways To Go Eco-Friendly This Valentine’s Day

Valentine’s Day, like other holidays, tends to create a lot of waste. According to the National Retail Foundation, 2 billion dollars are spent on flowers and 1.7 billion on candy. Fortunately, we have new ways to show your loved one you care without losing the romance, but with an eco-friendly twist!

1. Herb Plants
As stated above, 2 billion dollars are spent on flowers just on Valentine’s Day. Unfortunately, they die within a week leaving us to throw them away. Invest in an herb plant instead! Herb plants require less maintenance, last a lot longer, and they are very useful when preparing Valentine’s Day dinner!  

2. Sustainable Wine
Most people enjoy a bottle of wine or champagne to add a nice touch to the evening. Research your favorite wines and see if there are from organically grown grapes, or if the wine was sustainably made.

3. Eco-Friendly Getaway
Wanting to have a getaway this year? Opt for an eco-friendly B&B or hotel. There are plenty out there! Before you go make sure to fill up at one of our 7-Eleven Renew locations!

4. Name Something After Your Loved One
The sky’s the limit with this one! If you decide to choose romantically, check out naming a star or planting a tree in someone’s name. If you want to go a “unique” route you can name a highway after that special someone!

5. Dim The Lights
Having a romantic night in? With your sustainable wine, soft music, and good company it is only fair to dim the lights to conserve energy as well!

6. Adopt An Animal
You don’t actually need to adopt an animal. Adopting or donating to a specific animal for your significant other would not only be saving the animal but would also make for a very special gift. If you want to consider rescuing an animal from a shelter, make sure your loved one is equally ready. The gift of a rescued animal shares the love all around.

7. Create Art
Art doesn’t necessarily consist of just paintings and drawings. You can show your love through music, woodwork, or however your creativity soars! There is nothing like creating something with your own hands to really “wow” your Valentine.

Valentine’s Day doesn’t need to be complicated or generate waste. A simple “I love you” to your special person will show that you care. After all, Valentine’s Day is about expressing your love!