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Seattle City Council has approved new legislation that will require the expansion of bike lanes and parking spots for the city’s bicyclists. Council Bill 119601 will require the Seattle Department of Transportation to build protected lanes for paving projects that are more than $1 million. This will include improvements in the city’s Capital Improvement Program, but will not apply to regular maintenance or emergency repairs. 

Resolution 31898 will double the number of new bike parking spots in the next year. Seattle says they are currently on track to add 1,500 more bike parking spots by the end of 2019. The resolution also calls for 3,000 new spots to be built by the end of 2020. 

Ultimately, Seattle’s expansion of bike lanes and parking spots will not only keep bicyclists safe, it will also prevent car accidents and other motor vehicle collisions. The public applauded the city’s unanimous approval for this plan and were active in voicing their support for safer conditions for both cyclists and drivers in the city.