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In February 2019, California took a major step in an attempt to help our environment. California lawmakers drafted an Assembly Joint Resolution to support the “Green New Deal,” which is being considered in Congress. In recent years, hotter summers, colder winters, mega-storms, and massive droughts have been increasing and causing mass devastation to citizens around the country. Now California wants to be on the forefront of curbing their carbon footprint and committing to clean energy, promoting smart growth and reducing tailpipe emissions.


Here are some ways you can help contribute to our environment:


Fuel Responsibly: Every time you fill up at 7-Eleven, the RENEW™ program plants trees in our communities and invests in carbon reduction projects such as reforestation, solar power, wind power, and more to reduce your tailpipe emissions up to 30%. Find a location near you.


Embrace a minimalist lifestyle: Declutter your home and donate old items to charity. Borrow or rent clothing, electronics, home decorations, cars, and other products when possible.


Reduce energy: Switch to LED lightbulbs and use energy efficient appliances and heating/cooling systems.


Reduce water usage: Buy low water flow shower and faucet heads, water efficient toilets, and dishwashers, and always check for leaks.


Recycle: Recycle and reuse items as much as possible and buy products with minimal packaging. Search online for ways you can recycle hard-to-recycle items in your local area.


Vote: Your future depends on it! Always vote in every election for the candidate who is most likely to support climate-friendly policies. Get in contact with elected officials to ask questions and voice your concerns.

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Create a meaningful and lasting impact on our environment by supporting green initiatives. Take immediate action to help our environment stay clean and safe for generations to come!