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7-Eleven RENEW is proud to partner with Friends of the Urban Forest (FUF). FUF empowers San Francisco’s community to plant and care for trees around the city. Since 1981, the program has planted over 60,000 trees, which accounts for almost half of the city’s street tree canopy. 

Not only is FUF creating a more green society, they are also committed to community engagement, education, and advocacy. FUF coordinates work days for corporate groups of volunteers between 10 and 30 people. These volunteer days are a fun opportunity for groups to engage in team-building while learning more about corporate social responsibility. 

Each year, FUF also helps San Francisco citizens “green” their holiday. By partnering with the city’s Department of the Environment and Hayes Valley Art Works, FUF offers living, potted Christmas trees in November and December. For a tax-deductible donation, you can take home a fresh, three-to-six-foot-tall tree for the holiday season. You can return the tree to FUF after the holidays, and they’ll use it in a Neighborhood Tree Planting program.

In addition to FUF’s unique programs, they offer educational instruction to citizens such as pruning workshops and they advocate to improve San Francisco’s municipal urban forestry policies. Visit their website to learn more about their extensive efforts.