RENEW®️ Projects

7-Eleven RENEW®️ supports and invests in the following certified projects designed to reduce your tailpipe emissions every time you fill up at participating 7-Eleven location. These important projects, designed to pull carbon dioxide out of the atmosphere, are both located in our communities and across the world.

Local Projects

Douglas County Forest, WI – Arbor Day Foundation Project

Together with our national partner, the Arbor Day Foundation, 7-Eleven RENEW®️ has planted 10,000 trees in Douglas County Forest.

Stanislaus National Forest, CA – Arbor Day Foundation Project

Because of your support, 7-Eleven RENEW®️ has planted 8,000 trees in beautiful Stanislaus National Forest, located in Northern California.

Modoc National Forest, CA – Arbor Day Foundation Project

In partnership with the Arbor Day Foundation, 7-Eleven RENEW®️ has worked to reforest California’s majestic Modoc National Forest with 2,000 trees.

Everett, WA, Green Everett Day

Volunteers from 7-Eleven helped to plant over 800 trees and shrubs as part of Green Everett Day on October 26, 2017. The trees were planted in Forest Park, Everett’s oldest public park.

Silver Spring Neighborhood Center, Milwaukee, WI – Keep Greater Milwaukee Beautiful

Volunteers worked hard to restore the Silver Spring Neighborhood Center’s attached greenhouse on March 10, 2018.
Hoyt Arboretum Cleanup, Portland, OR – Hoyt Arboretum and Friends

7-Eleven RENEW tackled some greenscape cleanup around the Hoyt Arboretum on October 28, 2017. The Arboretum has been a place of beauty in the Portland area.
East Duwamish Green Belt, Seattle, WA – Green Seattle Partnership

The 7-Eleven RENEW ‘Green Team’ joined forces with the Green Seattle Partnership to restore the East Duwamish Trail in the Southern region of Seattle on May 19, 2018.

Bayfield County, WI – Arbor Day Foundation Project

Through the RENEW program and partnership with the Arbor Day Foundation, 7-Eleven will plant 60,000 trees in Bayfield County.

Willamette Basin, OR – Arbor Day Foundation Project

Through the RENEW program and partnership with the Arbor Day Foundation, 7-Eleven will plant 10,000 trees in the Willamette Basin.

Cascades Central State Forest, WA – Arbor Day Foundation

Through the RENEW program and partnership with the Arbor Day Foundation, 7-Eleven will plant 10,000 trees in the Cascades State Forest

Regional, National, and Global Projects

Wind Park Vader Piet Project-Aruba

The purpose of the project is to utilize the wind resources of the area. The project directly abates greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions from thermal power plants currently using fossil fuels operated in Aruba.
*Gold Standard

Cookstove Project- Kenya

This project mitigates climate change caused by the combustion of unsustainably harvested biomass through the provision of fuel-efficient stoves to families to cook with. The stove also helps to reduce pressure on the local woodlands.

Prairie Breeze Wind Energy Center Project-Nebraska, USA

This project will create jobs and bring in tax revenue throughout the life of the project. When the third phase became operational in 2016, Prairie Breeze I, II and III started to provide more than 300 MW of energy to the MRO eGRID.

Wayang Windu Phase 2 Geothermal Power Project- Indonesia

The project activity is the generation of power using a reliable and renewable resource in place of power generation by a more greenhouse gas intensive fuel/source.
*APX VCS Registry

KMSP, VCS Wind Power Project-India

This project will meet the power requirements of small and medium scale industries using the electricity generated from the Wind Turbines and thus reduce GHG emissions and promote sustainable development.
*APX VCS Registry

Vishnuprayag HEPP Project-India

This project is harnessing the steady waters of the Alaknanda River and generating low-cost, emissions-free electricity for the surrounding communities in Uttaranchal.

Dagpazari Wind Power Project- Turkey

This is an onshore wind power project with 39 MW installed capacity which is located in Turkish Province of Mersin, southern Anatolia. The project contributes to the development of the Turkish wind energy sector
*Gold Standard

Kocaeli Landfill, GS Project-Turkey

This project activity involves, preparing the landfill area for collection of LFG, recovery of LFG gas and utilization of the recovered LFG through gas engines to generate electricity.
*Gold Standard

Ningxia Angli Lingwu, Photovoltaic Solar-China

The project will generate electricity by using renewable solar photovoltaic power to the NWPG and replacing equivalent electricity generated by fossil fuel fired power plants connected to the NWPG. *APX VCS Registry

Khenan Xinxiang 24 MW Biomass Project-China

The project consists of the installation of cogeneration plants based on biomass residues, the generation of electricity supplied into Central China Power Grid, the generation of heat, and the utilization of biomass residues for cogeneration of power and heat.

German Coal Mine Methane Project-Germany

This project effectively reduces greenhouse gas emissions and thereby contributes to the mitigation of climate change. In addition, the build-up and pooling of methane within mines are prevented and the risk of explosions removed.

Lenz Composting

The project consists of the diversion of eligible organic residuals, including residential and commercial food waste, to a composting facility where the residuals are composted in a system that complies with Best Management Practices.
*Climate Action Reserve 

Terra Verdigris #2

The project activity involves the installation of an additional catalyst to abate N2O inside the ammonia oxidation reactor after its formation. The project boundary encompasses the complete Verdigris Area # 2 nitric acid production plant.
*Climate Action Reserve

Chesapeake Mizer Pneumatic Retrofit

This project focuses on the reduction of vented methane emissions. The objective of this project is to reduce the amount of methane that is vented to the atmosphere by installing more efficient equipment.
*American Carbon Registry

Ecomapua Amazon REDD Project

This project is located on Marajó Island, in Brazil’s Eastern Amazon region. The Marajó várzea is a critically valuable ecosystem. The primary objective is to avoid the unplanned deforestation. Part of the project will be dedicated to improving environmental conditions for local communities.
*APX VCS Registry

China Guangdong Shenzhen Qianwan LNG Generation Project

The project is to construct a high efficient LNG (liquefied nature gas) CCGT (combined-cycle gas turbine) plant. The proposed project has a capacity of 1083.09 MW (3×361.03 MW) with annual electricity generation of 3700 GWh.
*APX VCS Registry

East Central Sanitary Landfill Voluntary GCCS

The East Central Solid Waste Commission landfill gas is a control system for capturing and destroying methane gas on-site. Landfill opened in 1970 and has a footprint of 29.3 acres. This system consists of wells, pipes blowers and a flare.
*Climate Action Reserve

Uzuncayir 82.0 MW Hydroelectric Power Plant Project, Turkey

This project generates electricity and supplies it to the Turkish National Grid. Uzunçayir HEPP project has also gone through the Social Carbon standard evaluation and accomplished to be scored within the “sustainable” range.*APX VCS Registry

Hyundai Steel Waste Energy Cogeneration Project

This project utilizes surplus waste gasses including BFG, COG, and LDG produced by Steel to generate electricity. The waste gasses created by Steel are reused by the steel mill, and the rest are consumed by the proposed project
*APX VCS Registry

Kepezkaya Hydroelectric Power Plant Project

The project is constructed over the Göksu River in Karaman province of Turkey. It supports the surrounding communities by providing irrigation water from the side of the head pond, and by assisting authorities in the design of larger irrigation projects.
*APX VCS Registry

Kepezkaya Kumkoy Hydroelektric Power Plant, Samsun

This project is a true run-off river type project with 17.50 MW capacity. It is expected to produce 49,205 tonnes of Social Carbon labeled VCUs each year.
*APX VCS Registry

Nanjing Jinling Grid Connected Natural Gas Combined Cycle Power Plant Project

It is a natural gas fired grid-connected electricity generation plant, constructed, owned and operated by Huaneng Nanjing Jinling Power Generation Co. Ltd
*APX VCS Registry

Rajwakti Small Scale Hydropower Project

The project involves generation of electricity from water by the installation of 3.6 MW (1.8 MWX 2) run-of-the-river hydro electricity generation plant in the river Nandakini in the state of Uttarakhand. *APX VCS Registry

Veer (NLBC) Small Hydro Power Project

The project reduces greenhouse gas emissions through the displacement of fossil fuel electricity generation with a clean, renewable energy source.
*APX VCS Registry