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What’s better than getting fresh air, having a friendly conversation, and getting the healthiest foods and produce in your area? Seattle now has several year-round farmers markets around the city that host a variety of unique and delicious foods. Now you don’t have to wait until the summer season to smell fresh fruit and baked goods in the air. Here are a few reasons that will inspire you to visit a local Seattle farmers market in the off-season like winter and spring.


Great variety: There is always a great variety of foods at each farmers market. Seattle has four year-round farmers markets to visit. On Saturdays, you can go to the University District market, while on Sundays you can take your pick among markets in Capitol Hill, West Seattle, and Ballard. Although it can be easier to visit the market closest to your home, it is always a fun opportunity to branch out and explore what’s offered in other neighborhoods. Each market is far from cookie-cutter and sells a diverse variety of products.


Create Relationships: In the summer season, lines can get very long and it’s easy to just grab your produce and get out of there. But in the winter and spring, the crowds aren’t as large and it allows market goers more time to linger. The vendors love getting to know their customers just as much as you enjoy getting to know them. It’s easy to become a “regular” once you get to know your friendly seller.


Deals: Local farmers markets allow consumers the chance to get up close and personal with a farmer in a market setting. So don’t be afraid to ask for items on sale or to try samples. The farmer may have a batch of fruit that isn’t visually appealing but is willing to sell for a lower price. Also, take the time to ask farmers for their help when picking items for ripeness or taste. They’re there to help you and get you the best products they can.


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Most people flock to farmers markets in the summer, but Seattle offers their residents four unique and diverse farmers markets year-round! Take the time to explore the fresh and great tasting fruits, vegetables and other produce grown in your local area.